Les "Traditions "

• Grape varieties : 100% Sauvignon.
Origin : Hillside terroirs above Carcasonne and the upper Aude valley.
Vinification : Skin contact followed by gentle pressing. 15 days fermentation in stainless steel between
15 and 16° C, early bottling (3 tonnes per acre).
Conservation : 2 years. Serve cold (8° C).
Colour : Pale green/gold colour.
Bouquet : Citrus hints with blackcurrant, gooseberries and muscat.
Palate : Lively and fresh.
Serving suggestions : Aperitif but is ideal with grilled fish and shellfish.

• Grape varieties : 100% Chardonnay.
Origin : Limestone and clay hillsides; ideal exposure and orientation to prevent drought.
Vinification : Skin contact with temperature-controlled fermentation in stainless steel; pneumatic presses; early bottling to preserve freshness (3 tonnes per acre).
Conservation : 2 years (9-10° C).
Colour : Pale straw colour with golden tints.
Bouquet : Complex bouquet redolent of almonds, peach, acacia.
Palate : Harmonious palate with fine nervosity and a fresh, fruity finish
Serving suggestions : Aperitif and ideally accompanies sea food and snails.


• Grape varieties : 100% Syrah.
Origin : Corbières region (3 tonnes per acre).
Vinification : Short maceration ; low temperature fermentation, "Rosé de saignée".
Conservation : To be drunk in the Spring following the harvest or within 2 years.
Colour : Deep, bright ruby, its regal colour embodies the character of the wine.
Bouquet : Bouquet of raspberries and strawberries.
Palate : Fresh, tender but generous rosé.
Serving suggestions : Aperitif or outdoor lunches. Serve at 8° C.


Pinot Noir
• Grape varieties : 100% Pinot Noir.
Origin : Minervois and Limoux regions, near the city of Carcassonne in South of France.
This Burgundian grape is at home here in limestone/clay soils where it ripens fully.
Vinification : Traditional fermentation in stainless steel with a short fermentation; cap is punched down.
Tasting note : Intense medium ruby colour. Bouquet of blackcurrant, liquorice and cherries.
Rich and vinous palate.


• Grape varieties :
100% Merlot.
Origin : Selected plots in the Aude lying principally on limestone/clay bases with good water retention. Pruning is severe so as to limit yields to 3 tonnes per acre. Vines between 12 and 15 years old.
Vinification : Machine harvest followed by a gentle crush; fermentation for 15 days followed by Malolactic; gentle filtration to retain primary aromas.
Conservation : 3-5 years but enjoyable on release; serve between 15 & 16° C.
Colour : Intense, deep ruby colour.
Bouquet : Spicy, blackberry/mulberry/bramble bouquet.
Palate : Full-bodied, supple and harmonious palate allied to ripe tannins.
Serving suggestions : White meats, poultry and roasts.


Cabernet Sauvignon
• Grape varieties : 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Origin : Selected plots in the Aude on gravel with good water retention. Average age of vines : 10-12 years. Yields : 3 tonnes per acre.
Vinification : Machine harvesting and crushing prior to 15 days fermentation in glass-lined cement vats; light filtration at bottling.
Conservation : 4 to 6 years but will drink well soon after bottling.
Colour : Intense ruby.
Bouquet : Fruity; blackcurrant and blackberry aromas, spices and green peppers.
Palate : Supple and balanced; logical follow-through from the bouquet.
Serving suggestions : Typical local dishes; poultry in sauces, cheeses. Serve between 15-16° C.


• Grape varieties : 100% Malbec
Origin : Between the Pyrenean mountains and the Méditerrranée.
Different plots of soils made up of sandstone, schist and chalk and clay.
Vinification : Cold maceration and then fermentation for 10 days
in temperature controlled stainless steel vats.
Colour : Dark and vivid ruby red.
Bouquet : IFull and fruity this Malbec offers notes of violet and black fruits.
Palate : Rich in mouth the tannins are pretty well integrated. This wine is very balanced.
Serving suggestions : Poultry, veal and Asian food.


Les "Bi-Cépages "

Sauvignon - Chardonnay
• Grape varieties : Original combination of 50% Sauvignon and 50% Chardonnay, combining vivacity and elegance.
Origins : Vinified in our Cellar in Douzens, the grapes come mostly from our plots on the high hill of Limoux, combined with our "terroir" on the mediteranean border.
Vinification : Pellicular maceration, in temperature controlled stainless steel vats, pneumatic pressing.
Conservation : Within 2 to ± 9 years.
Colour : Clear, light golden colour.
Bouquet : Floral nose with a pleasant hint of citrus fruits and exotic fruits.
• Palate
: A very delicate initial attack, followed by a rich full taste.
• Serving suggestions
: Very versatile wine, ideal as an aperitif, with fish and seefood.

Cinsault - Syrah
• Grape varieties : 85 % Cinsault, 15 % Syrah.
• Origin : From the Corbières region in Languedoc.
• Vinification : Bleeding rose with short maceration.
• Matured : At low temperature in stainless steel.
• Colour : Salmon pink.
• Bouquet : Small red fruits with notes of strawberries.
• Palate : Fresh and elegant.
• Serving suggestions : For the aperitif on terraces.
• Conservation : 1 to 2 years. Enjoy at 8° C.

Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot
• Grape varieties : 65% Cabernet Sauvignon and 35% Merlot.
Origins : Plots of land in the Aude with 15 to 20 years old vines.
Vinification : Cold maceration before fermentation. fermented for 3 weeks and remuage of fine lees.
Conservation : Within 3 to 5 years, to be enjoyed at ± 16°F.
Colour : Deep ruby colour.
Bouquet : Hints of underwood, small fruits of the forest and tracks of chocolate.
• Palate
: Powerful and round.
• Serving suggestions
: Meats, game, ...

Les "Réserves"

Viognier - Les Barriques
• Grape varieties : 100% Viognier
Origin : A white variety that has settled happily in the Languedoc. A low yielding grape - 2 tonnes per acre.
Vinification : Machine harvesting followed by low temperature skin contact; gentle pressing.
Conservation : 2 years. The wine can, however, take on an enticing spiciness with age.
Colour : Brilliant pale gold colour.
Bouquet : Fruit and flowers (pears, apricot, peach, Serve between 8 and 10° C).
• Palate
: Finely balanced texture blending freshness and fleshiness; exceedingly long aftertaste.
• Serving suggestions
: Fish and sweetmeats; older vintages will enhance more exotic dishes.


Chardonnay - Les Barriques
• Grape varieties : 100% Chardonnay.
Origin : Low yielding old vines on hillsides overlooking the Mediterranean and Limoux.
Vinification : Skin contact; slow fermentation for 9 months in French oak casks (50% new) following gentle pressing.
Conservation : Will gain richness and harmony after aging between 6 months to one year.
Colour : Brilliant, gold colour.
Bouquet : Complex floral notes allied to citrus/grapefruit aromas and mirabelle plums.
Palate : Round, generous with good freshness. After 1 or 2 years, buttery brioche brea.
Serving suggestions : Shellfish, poultry, sweatmeats. Serve at 12°C.
Available in Magnum


Pinot Noir - Les Barriques
• Grape varieties : 100% Pinot Noir.
Origin : This Burgundian grape is at home here in limestone/clay soils where it ripens fully. Low yields.
Vinification : Traditional fermentation in stainless steel with a short fermentation; cap is punched down; 6 months in barrels.
Conservation : 5 to 7 years but shows well after 2.
Colour : Intense medium ruby colour.
Bouquet : Bouquet of blackcurrant, liquorice and cherries.
Palate : Rich and vinous palate.
Serving suggestions : Accompanies local dishes, grills, moderately flavoured cheeses. Serve at 16° C.


Merlot - Les Barriques
• Grape varieties : 100% Merlot.
Origin : 20 year old vines on alluvial gravels and limestone/clay bases and sandy soils on the Mediterranean seabord and upper Aude (1200-2500 feet elevation); yields : 2,5 tonnes per acre.
Vinification : Machine harvesting and crushing; 3 weeks fermentation; cap is punched down. Maturing in French oak barrels 1/3 brand new (2/3 Bordeaux - 1/3 Burgundy). Malolactic completed in barrel.
Conservation : 5-8 years; accessible after 2 years; peaks at 3 years.
Colour : Brilliant, deep garnet.
Bouquet : Elegant and racy with ripe blackberry fruit aromas mingling with the vanilla from the oak; highly complex earthy animal aromas.
Palate : Full and vinous; robust; well-balanced.
Serving suggestions : Red meat, sweetmeats and cheese. Serve between 16 and 18° C.
Available in Magnum


Cabernet Sauvignon - Les Barriques
• Grape varieties : 100% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Origin : Top rated gravel-based vineyards oriented South/South-East in the Languedoc; old vines.
Vinification : Traditional fermentation after crushing; long (3 weeks) fermentation to extract colour and aroma: malos completed in cask; maturation in French oak barrels (1/3 new oak).
Conservation : 6-8 years; aging in oak matures the wine slightly prior to drinking.
Colour : Deep, dark but brilliant garnet.
Bouquet : Hint of vanilla overlying ripe, fruity aromas; background bouquet is more complex offering flares of leather and cedar.
Palate : Robust, full-bodied and vinous; harmonious tannins; well-balanced.
Serving suggestions : Elaborated meat dishes, poultry, strong flavoured cheese. Serve between 16 and 18° C.


Syrah - Les Barriques
• Grape varieties : 100% Syrah (French oak) • Origin : Corbières and Minervois. Pebbly vineyards in steep hillside locations; yields 2,5 tonnes per acre.
Vinification : Hand picking, destalking. Long fermentation; cap is punched down. Ageing for 9 months in 1 year old French oak barrels.
Conservation : Can be enjoyed on release but will benefit from 5 to 7 years cellaring.
Colour : Bright, elegant ruby.
Bouquet : Black cherries, redcurrant, violets, liquorice silky. Ripe tannins.
Palate : Fleshy with extreme finesse; persistant length.
Serving suggestions : Red meats, game, cheeses of all kinds. Serve at 16°C.


Syrah-Mourvèdre - Les Barriques
• Grape varieties : 60% Syrah, 40% Mourvèdre.
Origin : Ideally exposed, gentle slopes; the 2 varieties join forces to yield powerful, aromatic wines.
Vinification : Machine harvesting; the grapes are crushed and ferment for 3 weeks between 28 and 30° C for optimal extraction; ageing in 50% new Bordeaux casks and 50% 1 year old barrels.
Conservation : 8-10 years.
Colour : Deep almost black colour.
Bouquet : Intense violet rose, fruity and spicy against a background of vanilla.
Palate : Opulent, vinous and balanced; 2-3 years to peak.
Serving suggestions : Spicy dishes, red meat, venison and strong flavoured cheese. Serve between 16 and 18° C.


Carignan. Vieilles Vignes
• Grape varieties : 100% Carignan
Origin : The reknown grape variety from the Languedoc region. Strong but fine wines especially when they are made from old vines growing on slopes. Our Carignan vines are older than 60 years.
Vinification : Traditional winemaking with punching of the cap.
Tasting note : Colour of deep purple with a tint of violet. Fresh cherry aromas with a pepper and spicy notes.


Les "Prestiges"

Limoux AOP - Grandes Vallées
• Grape varieties : 90% Chardonnay, 10% Chenin. ± 20 year old vine.
Origin : Limoux, high valley (± 600 m high) towards the Pyrénées. North-east exposure. Production : 35 hl/ha.
Vinification : Manual harvest, pneumatic press and cold temperature fermentation in barrels. The wine remains ± 15 months in French oak vats.
Conservation : First class white wine 3 to 5 years wait before drinking. The taste of its fruit can be fully enjoyed if drunk younger. Astonishing after ten years.
Colour : Intense and glittering gold.
Bouquet : White flowers, citrus fruit, stone fruit (peach, apricot). Touch of pineapple, brioche, butter, dry fruit and toasted flavour .
Palate : Rich, large, long, delicate and complex.
Serving suggestions : Lobster "à l'armoricaine", grated oysters, poultry like capon, goose.
To be served at 14° C.


Limoux AOP - Grandes Vallées
• Grape varieties : 50% Merlot, 30% Malbec, 20% Cabernet Sauvignon.
Origin : Selection of old vines around Limoux grown on limestone and gravelly soils. South facing hillside locations; low yields - 1,5 tonnes per acre.
Vinification : Hand picking followed by destalking and crushing; slow fermentation/maceration 25 days. Maturing for 15 months in brand new casks of Allier oak. Several rackings prior to bottling. Malos completed in barrel
Conservation : 8 to 10 years; numerous amateurs will prefer the oaky appeal of the wine in its youth.
Colour : Intense, brilliant deep garnet.
Bouquet : Rich, ripe redolent of berries and spices enhanced by the vanilla from the oak; will develop into a Grand Vin.
Palate : Extremely vinous, powerful wine; finely balanced with silky tannin and an intensely long finish.
Serving suggestions : Refined poultry dishes, game and cheese. Serve at 18° C.

Crémant de Limoux AOP
• Grape varieties : Chardonnay (70%) – Chenin (20%) – Mauzac (10%).
Origin :Clayey and chalky slopes.
Vinification : Classical Wine-making, manual harvest. The grapes are stocked in racks. Pneumatic press. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks (low temperature). Minimum 18 months traditional bottle fermentation.
Tasting note : Bright golden color, fine bubbles. Fine and subtile, white blossoms, roasted aromas and honey from acacia flowers.
Palate : Long and balanced, clear and straightforward.

Les "Terroirs"

Origin : Coming from our Terroirs in the Corbières region. An “easy to drink” wine.
Bouquet : Fresh, light and aromatic as if you taste a ripe grape. Characteristic nose of the muscat grape.
Tasting note : Ideal for aperitif. Balanced alternative with “foie gras” or blue cheese.
The perfect match for desserts, fruit salads and pastry.
Palate: Elegant and delicate without bitter notes.

" Les Ponts de Doulens "

Les Ponts de Doulens : Blanc, Rouge, Rosé
Grape varieties :
Grape : White : 50 % white Grenache, 50 % Sauvignon and Chardonnay
Red : 50 % Grenache, 50 % merlot and Cabernet
Rosé : 50 % Grenache, 50 % Cinsault and Syrah.
Origin : Slight hillside, south east orientation.
The terroir is mode of gravel soil with a Me- diterranean climate based on hot but dry summer and smooth winter.
Vinification : Harvested when perfectly ripe. Grapes are destemmed and fermented for 2 weeks at 80° F.
Soft filtration is done before an early bottling, in order to preserve freshness and aromas.
Conservation : To be drink on the freshness on the next 2 years.


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